There is no product which allows immediate testing of sea water quality.
When we surf, swim or play in seawater that has raw sewage in it we are at risk of gastroenteritis, ear, nose and throat infections, skin infections, and even hepatitis and e-coli. Many of these illnesses were commonplace amongst surfers up and down the country in the 1980s and yet still in the 21st century this is an issue. 
In part of this project I collaborated with Jasmine Virgo, a graphic design student.
Part of the Immerse brand is a buoy system which would be in partnership with fisherman who would check and monitor the buoys in the daily activities.
The buoys regularly update the app with the latest information of water quality. This would also be available on surf forecast websites.
Initial ideas exploring where the best place to alert a surfer would be; the board or using the sense on your wetsuit.
After exploring this it was seen to be better for the design to be easy to attach, meaning no new equipment was require. 
Looking into surf culture it was clear stickers were popular, taking this as inspiration the design was just thicker than a sticker allowing you to check the safety of the water with litmus paper and replace for the next use
This was the final design; discarding the stickers for a sea texture. It is a result of user feedback who only needed one colour to compare the test too. 
The sea texture was more aesthetically pleasing and the information explaining the product and colours will be featured on the packaging for the user instead.  
Here is the netting of the app in progress. Using Adobe suite to create a mockup on XD and producing graphics with Illustrator and Photoshop. 
During the course of the project I wanted to help the environment I was working in and loved. As this happened Immerse became not just a brand but a culture too. 
Small side part to the project looking at creating environmentally safe signs, using the sand as a way of doing so.

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